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GAF Central Flying Training Facility Holloman AFB, Alamogordo, USA

FBW = Fighter Bomber Wing
TTTE = Trinational Tornado Training Establishment
a.o.s. = out of service

the jets of the central training facility

  Holloman Tornado Norm 83A

IDS Norm 83A

patch and facility description

Verbandswappen Holloman

From 1992 until 1996 an F-4 Training squadron performed basic and extended flying training for F-4 crews at Holloman AFB. The F-4 training ended in 2005 when the first Eurofighters were about to be delivered to the Luftwaffe.

In 1996 the "Tactical Training Center USA" was founded. Besides the F-4 training it conducted weopanary instructor pilot/WSO training and extended tactical training for the Tornado units in Germany. After the decommissioning of TTTE at RAF Cottesmore (UK) in 1999, also the german Tornado basic and weapon system training and the Tornado instructor pilot/WSO training was transferred to Holloman and the unit renamed to "Central Flying Training Facility at Holloman AFB, USA (FlgAusbZLw)". For its task the FlgAusbZLw "owns" 25 Tornado Aircraft and 680 personnel.


Geographical position

Holloman AFB (Airforce Base) lies within the low populated desert of New Mexico, USA near the town of Alamogordo.

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The "Central Flying Training Facility at Holloman AFB, USA (FlgAusbZLw)" conducts since 1996 extended tactical training and weapons instructor training for Tornado units. Since 1999 it also performs Tornado basic flying training and weapon system training for german Luftwaffe and Navy plus the instructor pilot/WSO training. The training for the Navy pilots ended after the decommissioning of the last Navy Tornado wing in 2005.

The main focus of the extended tactical training task lies on the conduction of an operational training under consideration of elements like extreme low level flying which cannot be performed in the european theater and the operation of the airplane with full weapons load under extreme environmental conditions.

The different courses conducted at Holloman AFB :

  1. Weapon System Training
  2. Instructor Pilot and WSO Training
  3. Tactical Traing for the crews of the german Tornado wings
  4. Weapons instructor training
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